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pillow sourcing part 1: etsy pillows

I have been busy working for a wonderful client with some redesign work in their stunning home in western Boulder. The house has lots of traditional and craftsman character. We are trying to lift, lighten, update and add some contemporary flair to this place.

We are focusing on the tv room at the moment. Here is where we are:

Throw pillows can make a huge impact on a space. Etsy continues to be one of my favorite sources for decorative throw pillows. You can get a high quality product for a very reasonable price direct from the fabricator.

The variety of fabrics and pillow shapes available are amazing.

The one downside is viewing color on a computer vs. seeing the live fabric. I have had pretty good luck, but you can end up with a surprise if you don't read the description closely, look at product reviews for comments on color or get a swatch of the fabric ahead.

Here are some of my current favorite pillows on Etsy:

How about this gorgeous Zak & Fox Tulu print fabric pillow?

zak & fox pillow

Source: DEKOWE on Etsy

LOVE this Robert Allen for Dwell Studio fabric (on target for the TV room redux!) It takes a traditional design and brings it to 2017 with style.

robert allen dwell studio pillow

Source: MakingFabulous on Etsy

Here is another favorite. Color palette inspiration anyone?

Source: DEKOWE on Etsy

You may have seen this one around. It is very popular.... but I still love it. Ebony and Ivory Kelly Wearstler for Groundworks/ Lee Jofa.

etsy pillow

Source: SparkModern on Etsy

I'll call this one "gentle geometric". Pop of color, but not over the top. Very transitional and stylish.

Source: PopOcolor on Etsy

These ivory and grey grain sack pillows have clean, organic lines that I hope to use in my next bedroom redux.

ivory grey etsy pillows

image via WoodsandShore on Etsy

This is just a very small glimpse into what is available on Etsy. If you are tired of binge watching netflix, grab a glass of wine and settle into pillow surfing on Etsy.

I'm not going to lie.... I may have a pillow problem.. There are worse vices, right? Next up on my pillow series, Retail: the good, the bad and work arounds.

Happy styling!


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