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I'm here in the beautiful city of Savannah.... prepping our townhouse for rent and some other things related to the school our older daughter is attending, SCAD.

So, SCAD (The Savannah College of Art & Design) I'm pretty sure owns half this town. You can see their buildings or the imprint of their students almost everywhere. It's pretty cool. Here are just a few shots of SCAD sightings around town:

One of their main buildings on Bull Street:

Theater in the heart of Savannah:

New art installation at the Hotel Indigo:

Part of SCAD's campus includes renovated workshops located in the passenger terminal of the once famous Central of Georgia Railway.

I could keep going. The school is clearly an integral part of this vibrant historic city. But moving along...

I happened upon this trendy restaurant in the garden/historic district. Check out the string lights! I'm on the hunt to figure out where they are from.

I can't get over the rich history here. I'm pretty sure you won't find this in Boulder:

OK.... so this IS a working trip. Working on some touch ups on this historic townhouse.

I'm not doing too much to it right now. Just cleaning it up and fixing some things that need a little attention. For example... the entry light:

Hello??...I guess it didn't fit right side up. This will be replacing it:

The faucets in the kitchen and upstairs bed baths need a little something.

Getting replaced with these:

That's about all the changes for now. Time to get this place rented. Hoping to do the full renovation of this historic residence in a year or two.

Time to head back to Boulder to work on our house prepping it for sale. Excited to be working with an amazing team of Realtor, General Contractor & rock star Designer to make our house shine. More on this in my next post.

Happy Spring!


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