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styling a temporary residence

We recently sold our primary residence here in Boulder.... whew! No small event, as we migrated from a 4,600 square foot house to a 2,300 square foot rental.

from this:

to this:

Cute place, right? It's nice to be done with that fun process. Now I'm trying to make our smaller temporary space fun and functional, using a combination of items coming over from our previous home and some new additions. Budget is key, as this is truly temporary.

Just wrapped up the living room:

The rug, leather chair, coffee table & wall art came over from our old place. I have sourced the items that are still buyable below:

Rug - West Elm

Faux Sansevieria Plant - Wayfair

I added the throw blanket from Target (sold out) and a set of arm chairs. Love these!

Arm Chairs - All Modern

Recently, I have been obsessing over African mud cloth. I love the organic tribal modern look of it. I found these pillow covers on Etsy. LOVE them.

Mud Cloth Pillows - Etsy

The sofa looks OK, but can't say I recommend this one. I got it for a steal from All Modern. Sometimes you get what you pay for.... it is pretty cheaply constructed. This will definitely not be moving with us to our next destination.

The dining area is connected to the living room. We couldn't bring our dining set over from our previous place, as it was way to large for the space. A good friend gave us an Ikea table they had in storage. I tried to jazz it up with some chairs that just arrived at Birch Lane. They really work in the space and add great texture and color.

Dining Table - Ikea

Modern Woven Wood Dining Chairs - Birch Lane

Next task, the master bedroom. I tend to always save this for last. We are only here a year.... it may not fully happen. TBD.

Happy end of summer!


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