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Furnishing a Brooklyn Apartment

Over the past few months, I have been busy working on some commercial projects here in Boulder.... which I LOVE! Most recently, a dermatology center and a web design office.

I got a call from my nephew, Matt, in NYC a couple of weeks ago, looking for help with furnishing an apartment that he will be moving into soon. He's making the big river hop from Manhattan to Brooklyn. This was my chance to jump back into a residential project.... and I'm all about it!

He is moving into a super cute, ground level one bedroom apartment in the trendy Fort Greene neighborhood located near Pratt Art School, known for its awesome park and amazing bars and restaurants.

Interesting fact: certain areas of Brooklyn are more expensive than top neighborhoods in Manhattan these days.... all of which make Boulder look like a country hot deal.

We are focusing on the main living/kitchen area of the apartment. This historic apartment has been updated, so we have some old bones with some new finishes.

View from the kitchen out into the living room and entry:

Reverse view from the entry into the kitchen:

With these room measurements (Matt is good with this stuff!), I created a room layout. We pulled some furnishing ideas into the plan. As you can see, space and circulation are a challenge.

Normally, I would like the area rug to fit outside of the furniture footprint, but in this case.... I feel like the rug edge would get in the way and get overly worn.

Here are some of the finalists for the plan:

Matt loves texture and comfort. In addition to the accent pillows above, a couple of these pillows on the sectional would lighten it up and be great to cozy up to while socializing or binge watching:

Faux fur pillow from Etsy can be found here.

Back to space planning....I came across this great idea for maximizing space over a radiator via Apartment Therapy:

We'll definitely be doing this above the radiator in the main living space.

Wonder if he could paint that heater white....

Love this super cool space saving console table from CB2. It would be perfect for placing to the left of the sofa sectional chaise. It would add a beautiful accent, provide a place to set things when walking through the front door and help define the entry area.

Love the metal and leather!

It measures only 8 inches deep. Hard to find this. Link to product here.

It would go here:

TV will be going over the fireplace. We are discussing a gallery art wall over the sofa. He is thinking special shots of family and special places :-) Some inspiration:

source: This Mama Loves Life

Source: Instagram image from West Elm

Lots of fun options for the art.

Matt really likes these counter stools from West Elm:

Product link here.

I do too.... but am a little concerned about circulation (see layout above). Backless counter stools would save some space, but lack the comfort. Jury's out on that one. It may be a game day decision once everything else is in the space.

Well, that's where we are today. Hoping to have some shots of all of this live (as in maybe a trip to NYC for Aunt Leslie...) in the not so far future.

Meanwhile, this has been the perfect online project for me to work on while hunkering down in a very arctic like Boulder this


Let there be spring!


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