IKEA Besta cabinet hack

Yep... long time, no blog. It has been busy all around, including migrating into our next fixer home here in Boulder.

We have been working on some updates to spaces prior to the bigger project of adding square footage and a mega kitchen and exterior redux happening sometime this coming spring.

After renovating this room to serve as my office (more on that later), it became clear that I needed more storage space than the little desk I had placed in there. Here is a shot of the before space.

The room is SMALL. So, I really needed to be sensitive to the dimensions of the cabinet I selected. Furthermore, as the cabinet would be visible from the entry, I really wanted something attractive. The task was not easy. If I liked a cabinet, it was too deep, or wide ...or expensive! Bottom line, I couldn't find anything I liked.

During my extensive internet research, I came across this beautiful cabinet.

photo source: glamette.com

As it turned out, it was an "Ikea hack" (basically an upstyling of a piece of Ikea furniture). The cabinet was the perfect dimensions, and I really loved the finished look after being worked over.