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target's new opalhouse line

My daughter and I popped into Target to pick up some miscellaneous things yesterday. All was good... until we reached the home furnishings display (which is a standard, must visit area of the store).

Hold the phone! A whole new display was up. Target has their game on once again. Their new "Opalhouse" line has rocked it out of the ballpark. Much to my daughter's dismay, we were stuck in Target a bit longer than expected.

Btw... this is not a sponsored post.

This line is massive with over 500 items, with everything from furniture to vintage match boxes... oh yes, and removable wallpaper.

I like this one:

When we got home, I checked out Target's web site. Here are some of my Opalhouse favorites.

They can all be found here.

Meanwhile, back at the store a few things may have ended up in my cart, like pretty much everything in this photo:

I'm set for summer plastic plateware:

And these tumblers..

All dishwasher safe.... a must.

New fruit bowl:

Some of these products might be a bit bright and tropical for Colorado. A good friend of mine who just relocated to Kauai has her online shopping cart on overdrive.

These prints!

A few other items I wish I had a place for...

Whew! That was an unexpected retail emergency. Now onto spring cleaning, which I'm pretty sure is supposed to happen before a big shopping spree.

Happy Spring!


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